Daniel Johnson

Certified Advanced Rigger & NCCER Craft Instructor

Graduated from technical school with AWS weld certifications. Worked repairing water towers across the midwest. Went to dive school in FL, graduated with many certifications and advanced rigger is one of them. After FL, I worked for a new ambitious company that manufactures wind tower bases, became a weld trainer for my area then became production supervisor. Lastly, I became a welding instructor where I earned the credential of NCCER craft instructor.

Shaina Johnson

Certified Welding Inspector & NCCER Craft Instructor

Graduated from tech school with a welding diploma and 3 AWS weld certifications. Worked in manufacturing utilizing GMAW, GTAW and FCAW. Working with all sorts of material types, positions and joint designs. Left manufacturing to become a welding instructor and during that time, became a certified welding inspector.